Friday, July 22, 2016

How Lucky Am I?

Choosing a name for my food/recipe/writing blog seemed so daunting....UNTIL....I realized two of my loves would suit my blog name perfectly and that the first half of my blog name is unique making it a great choice for the URL address and domain name...Rooney our gorgeous Doberwoman will be remembered easily, and it is such a memorable pairing, I cannot believe it challenged me for over a week, and then I typed it out and realized in seconds how right the name Rooney and Butter is.

Rooney softly dozing beside me, rose her head just when the burst of delight rippled through my brain as if to say, "Mom, I knew you would figure out what name I was thinking, eventually...." Rooney [and other Dobermans, as well, as I have heard from their Moms & Dads] have this marvelous regal, intelligent expression on their faces that make us feel instantly safe, secure, and well taught by their patient and persevering characters. How lucky are we? All Doberman humans, really.  We know it to be true and never feel silly saying it.  It comes as an honor and pride thing.  We feel complete being owned by a Doberman/Doberwoman. So, as my blog continues I will regale all readers with Rooney's antics, humor, opinions on a variety of topics, and how Rooney's enthusiasm for life is contagious and makes us feel like better people.

My love for butter is seen in my recipes.  Butter is great for everything.  Butter is an essential ingredient in so many recipes.  If I ever make a recipe that does not call for butter I double check the recipe, because I truly feel I have forgotten something important, and am unsettled about it briefly.  Rooney reassures me with her knowing look from one of her many favorite spots for napping in the livingroom....I instinctively look up towards her eyes, as I pause to regroup, and she looks towards me at the most perfect moment with such fabulous timing....reassuringly, of course.  How lucky am I?! 

My blog page is a "work in progress" and is under construction.  You will see improvements each week.  I will be getting pictures of Rooney on our blog page right away.  It just wouldn't seem right otherwise.  Recipes and food pictures as well. 

Adventures in writing, photography, cooking, and blogging are as essential as Rooney and Butter!

Seeing you soon,

Parmesan Thyme Crackers......

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