Friday, August 26, 2016

Naomi's Pie [Page 3]

For those of us with Dobermans we know their non-verbal communication is much like horse's non-verbal communication. Most animals do communicate with their physical bodies, including humans.  It is innate.  Doberman's muscle flanks, their sleek and tapered bodies allow us a close opportunity to interpret what they are saying.  Communication is therefore, because of their physical structure, easy to discern with practice and getting to know them.
Protection and love is a Doberman's top priorities.  Protecting and loving work hand-in-hand.  Doberman's close proximity with their humans allows them to do both as naturally as breathing.  They love as fiercely as they protect.  A Doberman never separates the two.  Understanding this instinct allows us a proper way to introduce them to the world; other dogs, and other humans.
If Rooney was ever prevented from loving and protecting me she would most likely grow listless, weary, edgy, and possibly violent.
Rooney doing her job of loving and protecting makes her happy, healthy, and more open to meeting new people, and experiencing new experiences.  Our relationship keeps her sweet and profoundly engaged in interacting with me and others.
Learning and experiencing all of this with Rooney has helped me to come to better terms with the loss of Naomi and her children.  Rooney protecting and loving me has shown me the way to fully accepting Naomi's Witness Protection.  I can say without hesitation Naomi and children are protected and loved.

Enjoy words & pie!

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