Friday, December 2, 2016

Two Chocolate Dry Cocoa Mix

The perfect time of year for a hot, steaming, chocolatey, marshmallow or whipped cream topped mug of hot cocoa.  Do I have the most excellent dry mix recipe for you!?  Easy, quick, delicious, satisfying, & reminiscent of hot cocoa you sipped in by-gone years with many fond memory jolts with every sip.  Make it up, place in a container and children and adults in the home can help themselves.  Simple as 'putting the kettle on'!

Two Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe:

4 cups powdered sugar:

4 cups powdered milk:

1 cup unsweetened powdered chocolate
1 cup special dark powdered chocolate:

Whisk together gently to avoid cocoa smoke cloud in your kitchen air space!
Store in air tight container or storage bags with zip locking seals.....

Yields: 2 1/2 quarts:

No preservatives...only good nutritious, delicious ingredients.....
Perfect after school snack....perfect after playing in the snow warm-up....perfect treat while watching your favorite movie...reading your favorite novel or knitting a beautiful hat or scarf for someone dear...Very affordable too....Beats the cost of store bought instant mixes.....Add 3 heaping teaspoons per mug of hot water...Enjoy!

Rooney encourages you to try Two Chocolate too!

Enjoy Two Chocolate this week & all winter long too!

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